Current Profile Analytics and Profile Standing

Here's a quick breakdown of Emma's current numbers on her profile. This is just to document where she started, where she was at, and gives us an understanding of how much we have to grow in order to reach the goal.

If you would like to sign up and use the tool I'm using in the video for tracking, the link is provided below. There is going to be a variety of ways we are going to use this tool, along with a few others, to do a wide range of things. So it might be worth just signing up for a free account and getting used to it, although it is not required to progress throughout the rest of the Challenge.

🖥️ Click here for Website Tracking & Analytic Reporting

Current Profile Stats (as of December 1st. 2019)

Followers: 56 | Likes:101 | # of Videos: 5 | Highest Video View: 1,139